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Herbal Stimulants 
introduces some of the most popular and effective therapeutic herbs available. in our last mailing we asked our customers what additional products they would like to see us 
offer, and we had an overwhelming response that they would like us to offer several new therapeutic herbs. 
in the united states not much attention has been given to the tremendous therapeutic benefits these herbs have on the human body,  since the large drug companies do not make the tremendous profits they make on their patented drugs. most herbs have been around and used as medicine for hundreds if not thousands of  years, and worked very effectively. in fact most currently patented drugs are derived  from plants and herbs. 


Major Appliances 
The most practical way to shop for major appliances,



Ahavas Chesed Inc.

Specializing in Helping the sick and their family's. lending medical equipment, paying for Doctor precedur's, paying for Medication, Nurse Care, Etc.

A Non-Profit Organization That depends on your contributions. All Contributions are Tax Deducteble


        1995, 1996, 1997 M.A.W.C.Inc


        All Natural stimulants for man and women










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          1995, 1996, 1997 M.A.W.C.Inc


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